About 3di

3di started operations in 1987 as a member of the PDS Group of companies based in Virginia, USA. This group was purchased by 3di, a Maryland based mapping provider, in March of 1999 and subsequently acquired by the current ownership in July of 2002 where we are now 100% UK owned.

The Company is committed to provide concise, accurate and timely data to our clientele using proven hardware systems and software packages.

Each of our experienced technicians have over 25 years working in the Aerial Survey and Mapping Industry. As a stand-alone company, we have originated and completed projects throughout the British Isles, mainland Europe, namely Denmark, Germany, Greece, The Netherlands and The Republic of Eire. Further afield we have also originated and completed projects in the Czech Republic, The Republic of Cyprus, in Kenya, Nepal and in The Falkland Islands.

Through our associates and former owners, we have worked on projects across the USA, Canada and in Venezuela too.